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Solutions For Online & In-store Growth
There are 4 things we focus on: your market, online presence, paid traffic, and follow-up...

Market Research

First step is to entrench our selves into your business and what has worked and what has not worked for you. What are your goals? We then take a look at your top competitors in your industry and find ways to start driving the traffic to your business. If you are a top leader in your industry, we will look at ways of improving your dollar spend and making sure you stay at top.

Online Presence

Imagine launching ideas, products, services and offers in 24-72 hours or less without delay and high development cost. We are big believers in Marketing Funnels which allows us to put your offers to the test quickly. A Marketing Funnel is basically landing pages on steroids. It takes a user through a series of steps with your desired outcome, unlike a website where browsing kills user intention. We implement marketing funnels in your business to start grabbing sales and leads  fast.

Paid Traffic

Online paid  traffic is very important for generating interests, new leads and sales.  We utilize mainly Google Pay Per Click and Facebook/Instagram paid ads to drive awareness campaigns and direct to purchase offers. With Google we are seeking hot prospects, as they are doing direct search based on keywords or phrases for your industry. These leads are the hottest, most likely to buy.  We can also implement paid ads on Bing and Yahoo. Facebook and Instagram are great for product or service awareness, social building, lead generation and follow-up campaigns to targeted audiences.


If you are running ads you want to be able to stay in-touch and in-front of those who show interest or any kind of interaction with your business. Follow-up is key to driving more sales to those who took action and those who did not. Collecting emails, mobile numbers, physical addresses, and implementing online remarketing campaigns will set you apart from 99% of your competition. This is where you can really capitalize on your brand and product/service offerings for much lower ad cost.
Fast Online Sales & Lead Gen Sites
No matter what business you are in, marketing funnels will give you a big advantage.
Online Funnels
Capture Leads and Drive Sales Fast
  •  Customized Landing Pages using a sub domain or main domain of your choice.  This does not need to replace your current site if you have one, but it is a must for our online marketing strategies.
  •  Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Updates Available: Modify pages, offers, duplicate landing pages fast for online promotions, announcements, holidays and much more. 
  •  Landing Pages Come With Everything:  lead-optin funnels, emails to access specials or content, product launches,  digital downloads, countdown timers with redirect, videos, buttons, popup forms on exit, Stripe for online payment processing, order bumps, progress bars, price list, automated notifications, social share and facebook commenting. 
Social Media Marketing
Interest Based Campaigns For Branding & Lead Generation
Social Media Ad Management
Targeted Audience Delivery
  •  Professionally Managed Ads with daily or specific timed promotions for your individual business on Facebook and/or Instagram making sure you are seen by the most relevant audience for your product or service. 
  •  Change Ad Creatives/Offers - no waiting a month or two for the next magazine print run. Change offers same day if necessary.
  •  No Competition Only your ad is displayed, as all clients are managed separately giving you maximum focused exposure. 
  •  Zone In On Your Audience user location, age, income, gender, birthday, customers (custom audience), look alike audiences, fans of your page, and much more.
  •  Drive Fast Interaction with your online offers. This allows us to see which offers are your high performers and disregard the rest quickly. 
  •  Ad Remarketing - this is the most important tool in online marketing. It allows for reduced click costs to a highly targeted interested audience. Stay infront with creative offers increasing your brand recognition and conversion rates.
Search Engine Marketing
Hottest Buying Prospects Are On Google. Be Found When They Search For Your Products and Services.
Google Pay-Per-Click
Hot Prospects Are Searching For You, Be Found
  •  Complete Campaign Setup - demo selection, ad groups, keywords, negative keywords, site links, ad extensions, direct to call ads. Monthly reports provided.
  •  The Fastest Way To The Top of any search engine is to pay per click, not seo. With pay per click ads we can have you pulling up first page and in most cases top of page depending on industry and ad budget.  No long wait periods hoping to organically pull up. 
  •  Spy Tools - Yes, we have secret software that allows us to know what your competition might be doing online regarding Google ads. What keywords they are using, what ads they are running and when. This can help us capitalize on keyword use and competitive ad runs for your business.
  •  Research Your Industry and find the best keywords and placements for your business. Our goal is to minimize unwanted clicks and focus on keywords that will convert.
  •  Ad Remarketing - once a user visits your promotion we will remarket to them encouraging them to come back to retrieve the offer or introduce them to something more enticing. This is done across Google Display Network.
Follow-up Data Driven Marketing
This is where most businesses fail.  Staying in touch with a customer is a must, so data should be collected.
We like to utilize Online Remarketing Ads, SMS Text, Chat Bots, Email, and Targeted Direct Mail
Online Remarketing Ads
Follow Your Web Visitors Everywhere
  •  User Actions - what action did the web visitor take when they visited a particular page. If they did not fulfill your desired outcome, we will start to send out follow-up ads to these hot prospects to close more deals.
  •  Increase Conversions - remarketing increases conversions. If someone visited your page and was not ready to buy, remarketing what they showed interest in will increase your odds of sale.
  •  Branding - if you are wanting to be remembered by your web visitors, remarketing helps you build your brand impressions and reduce cost per click.
Instant Text Messaging
Launch A Sale In Under 1 Minute
  •  Reach Your Customers, Hot Prospects, or Staff Anytime & Anyplace Instantly with DrawCrowds Powerful SMS Texting Software. This can also be done on a schedule for hands free notifications once setup.
  •   Open rates of 95% under 4 minutes. If you don't use Text Messaging for your business you are losing money.
  •  Start building a list this can be done by notifying your current clients and social fans via email, social posts/ads and inhouse flyers, cards etc..about your new VIP list for example.
  •   Opt-ins are automated based on keywords advertised and puts user on appropriate list allowing you to target with laser precision based on list interaction.
  •  Custom Promotional Print Materials - get people to opt-in to your list. This can be done with flyers, postcards, business cards, receipts, and simple hand outs.
Facebook Messenger Bot
Messenger Marketing for Sales & Support
  •  Increase Open Rates - many people are bypassing checking their emails but not Facebook Messenger.
  •  Fairly New Platform - many businesses are not yet utilizing chat bots, giving you prime opportunity to capitalize.
  •  Open Rates 80%+ compared to email which is lucky to get 20% open rates.
  •  Automated Marketing Messages to grow and nurture leads.
Email For Follow-ups
Collecting Emails Reduces Ad Expense
  •  Email Collection - when advertising we try to usually gain a prospects email which allows us ongoing communication for pennies vs. dollars.
  •  Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly send outs are a great way to keep your lists informed of specials or news updates. Even though open rates have declined with email, it is still a valuable resource.
  • Stay In Front Of Your Audience - Facebook Custom Audience Targeting & Look Alike Audiences - we can take email lists and import the audiences into Facebook/Instagram and zone in on your hot prospects and customers with all kinds of offers and news. This can also be implemented with Google Display Network.
Direct Mail Fulfillment
Stay In Touch With Your Customers 
  •  Full Handle Of Your Design, Print & Mail - we can design your card or brochure for direct mail. This works great for sending your restaurant or spa menu of services, thank you cards, upcoming special events, new product launches, services and promotions. 
  • Customer List - must be a minimum of 200 contacts for us to handle mailing bulk rate. For first class mail must have client list greater than 500.
Your Virtual Digital Agency
We are Digital Experts, Design Gurus, Media Buffs, Mobile Specialists, Funnel Builders, Shopify Users, and Print Guys with 20 Years of Experience & Connections.
Logo & Brand Identity
Need help with updating your brand or launching a new company?
Design & Illustration
Pretty much anything you need created we can manifest.
Print Small & Large Format
We can deliver everything from Trade Show booths to Foil Business Cards. Just let us know your needs.
Direct Mail & List Services
Need direct mail or specialty list? Let us help you with sound advice and money saving tips.
Media Planning & Placement
This is an area where many businesses lose alot of money. Let us help you navigate the media market.
Ecommerce Stores
Specializing in Shopify and Funnel Sites.
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